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Accepted Papers

  • Richard Mayr and Lorenzo Clemente . Multipebble Simulations for Alternating Automata
  • Emmanuel Haucourt and Thibaut Balabonski . A Geometric Approach to the Problem of Unique Decomposition of Processes
  • Jean-Bernard Stefani, Claudio Mezzina and Ivan Lanese . Reversing higher-order Pi
  • Antoine Durand-Gasselin and Peter Habermehl . On the use of non-deterministic automata for Presburger arithmetic
  • Andrea Turrini and Roberto Segala . Conditional Automata: a Tool for Safe Removal of Negligible Events
  • Ichiro Hasuo . Generic Forward and Backward Simulations II: Probabilistic Simulation
  • Tomas Brazdil, Vojtech Rehak , Jan Kretinsky, Jan Krcal and Antonin Kucera. Stochastic Real-Time Games with Qualitative Timed Automata Objectives
  • Ahmed Rezine, Giorgio Delzanno , Parosh Abdulla , Yu-Fang Chen, Chih-Duo Hong and Frederic Haziza. Constrained Monotonic Abstraction: a CEGAR for Parameterized Verification
  • Tim Willemse . Consistent Correlations for Parameterised Boolean Equation Systems with Applications in Correctness Proofs for Manipulations
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